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Barry's Woodworking Projects

I've been woodworking for several years, ever since we bought a house & a friend gave me a 1950's vintage Craftsman table saw. The first thing I did when I moved in was to set up a workshop in the basement - I built a workbench, wired the basement for lights & outlets, got my tools out of boxes and into the open. I've been interested in woodworking since I took a shop class many years ago.

I started out by building some shop furniture and a pine armoire for the family room. I later replaced the saw & bought a few more tools. I built case goods and cabinetry, garden carts, a gun rack, boxes, cutting boards and a bunch of other miscellaneous items. One of my first serious projects was this coffee table

Between August and December '03 I made new kitchen cabinet doors.  I was working at my usual pace - an hour or two here and there.  The cabinets are oak and they're in good shape, but the doors were just plain ugly.  I replaced them with simple frame & panel shaker-style doors.  I posted some pictures as the project progressed.

I completed this end table in March 2003.  It matches my coffee table.  Some recently completed projects include these Shaker style nightstands and this taboret

My hobby has become a serious business, Westchester Woodcrafters, LLC.  I design and build Shaker-style furniture, custom cabinetry, store fixtures, and storage solutions. I also make custom radiator covers.  I'm planning to expand the shop by creating an assembly and finishing area in the garage.

Questions or comments? Send me an email.

Last update: 31-Aug-2012