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I inherited a '40's breakfront from my parents. It's lacquered & hand-painted in a Chinese motif. It's almost certainly U.S. made (Painting is signed ? ). Construction is mostly hardwood plywood casework, solid wood drawers & interior partitions, and glass front doors. I'm doing repairs, starting with the decorative false mullions on the doors. They're made from plywood & solid wood molding. The plywood has almost completely delaminated and some of the laminations and pieces of molding are missing.

You can see that I have already replaced the missing internal laminations. I'm working on replacing the broken piece of molding. I decided that I'd try casting a replacement using another undamaged piece as the model.


Here's the mold in the making. I'm using latex mold building compound, with layers of cheesecloth for extra support.


Here's the replacement molding, cast in catalyzed wood filler


After a shot or two of lacquer.

All that needs to be done is to add the gold accents at the intersections and reinstall the mullions.