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This ad was the inspiration for the dresser I am building for my daughter. She's 16 and still using her combination dresser & changing table.

The sides are birch ply. The legs are solid birch.

The internal parts of the web frames are poplar, with hardboard dust panels. I used biscuits to assemble them. They're lined up on the story stick I'll be using to set up the TS to cut the dados.

This is the first dry fit of the carcase. I made clamping cauls from 2x4s and threaded rod. They're slightly crowned.

I just finished the bottom rail. It's biscuited to the web frame and the legs.

I've added the drawer guides. I think a single center guide will be OK.  They're screwed to the web frames in case they need to be adjusted.  They have oversize counterbores & pilot holes.  Maybe next time I will be more confident & won't do it this way.

All glued up. I used plastic resin glue so I'd have enough time to get everything lined up and the clamps tightened. My dry run took over 20 minutes to clamp up.

Test fit of the box joints for the poplar drawers.

The six small drawers are done. The guide, milled in one piece from 3/4" poplar, is attached with dowels to the front and rear of the drawer, and it's also glued to the 1/4" birch ply drawer bottom.  Since I used ply for the bottoms, I was able to glue them into their grooves.  That adds a lot of strength to the drawers.

Still need to put an edge treatment on the top. Then it's final fitting, sanding and finishing. (6-03)

Finally, it's all done (7-10-03). I used a wash coat of dewaxed shellac under Minwax gel stain, but I'm not really thrilled with the results. I wiped on 6 coats of Minwax Fast Dry Gloss Poly thinned 50-50 with mineral spirits. I used a 3M superfine synthetic pad between every 2nd coat. I'll apply paste wax with 0000 steel wool in a couple of weeks.

I'm not sure, but I think the dresser had some kind of illness while it was under construction, because one leg seems to be a bit shorter than the others. I have to wait to get it upstairs to be sure, because my shop floor is so uneven the dolly twists as it's moved from place to place. This is another opportunity to find a clever way to hide a mistake. With each new project, instead of making fewer mistakes, I'm getting better at fixing them. I believe this is the true mark of an accomplished woodworker.

(Note: As it turned out, the case was square & the legs all the same length.  But getting it up the stairs is a whole other story.)