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This is my second workbench.  I recently (12-21-03) made a new top from an old solid core door.  It replaces a 2-layer plywood top that was more rigid but not even close to flat.  Hope this one doesn't sag.  The new top is edged with maple which provides a place to drop in a piece of 1/4" tempered hardboard.  When it gets chewed up I can just remove it & drop in a new piece.  It's finished with poly/boiled linseed oil/mineral spirits to keep glue from sticking to it.  I haven't made the holes for the bench dogs yet because I haven't decided if I will make them square, as in my old top, or just drill 3/4" holes for dowels.

The base is made from Douglas fir 2x4s, face glued for the legs.  M&T and saddle joints are used throughout.  The stretchers are secured with lag bolts that go through the tenons and into 5/8" cross dowels.  The other joints are glued & pinned.  The bench is rock solid, and the MDF storage cabinet plus the stuff in it adds enough weight to keep the bench from sliding around.  My concrete floor is so uneven that I had to block up the right side 3/4", and the left front leg is wedged up almost 1/2" to make the bench more or less level & take the twist out of the top.

Note:  I later added a hardwood inlay with square holes for the bench dogs.  I decided that the particle board top wasn't up to the job  Just routed out a recess & glued the inlay in place.

Update (3-23-04):  I picked up a damaged solid core door at my local big box for $10 and put it under the first one.  This takes care of the rigidity problem, and the added weight makes the bench even more solid than before.

Here's a wall cabinet I use to store corrosives & other unpleasant chemicals.

This is a base cabinet I use as a stand for my homemade disk sander.

This holds my router bits. The holders tilt forward to aid removal & insertion of bits.

The cabinet grew an appendage to hold things like bearings, collets, etc. Guess I should have thought about that before I started.


I made this to hold drill press. (August '02)