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I completed this taboret in May, 2004.  It's made from Philippine mahogany, or luan.  Although it is not considered a furniture wood by some, I thought I would try it to see what it was like to work with.  The taboret finished with a boiled linseed oil/polyurethane wipe on finish, which is my favorite.  This finish gives the wood's figure a deep, lustrous look.  The wood has some properties which make it difficult to use, especially the variations in density, even within a single board.  Some parts of a board may have dense, closed grain, while other parts will be much more porous.  This presents problems where end grain will show, and for some edge treatments.  Also, the wood can have significant color variations.  I was able to compensate for these shortcomings or even use them to my advantage through my design and construction techniques, and I'm very pleased with the overall results.



As you can see, the bottom drawer is for hanging file folders.

Delta Cad drawings: