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Plate Display Stand

This stand was designed to display a large, hand made ceramic art plate.  The stand was custom fit to the irregularities in the plate to provide secure support.  The weighted base is very stable.


The base is made as a box, with a solid top set into a rabbet.  The supports are attached with dowels.


The back edge of the top is rabeted.


Only the front edge and about an inch of the sides of the top are glued into the rabbet.  The back and sides of the top are attached with screw eyes to allow for seasonal movement.


For extra stability the box is weighted with about 12 lbs of caulking lead.  The ingot is drilled and tapped for 1/4-20 machine bolts.


The weight is bolted to the bottom of the box, which is screwed into the bottom rabbet.  Later I'll attach square vinyl self adhesive feet to the bottom, including an extra two under the weight.


Here I've applied a dye followed by a pigment stain.  I'll apply shellac and rub it out with steel wool and wax.